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How To Have A Successful Car Trip With Your Family and/or Friends

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July 29, 2017
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July 31, 2017
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How To Have A Successful Car Trip With Your Family and/or Friends

It’s always fun to go on a car trip if you plan it correctly. If you don’t, it may be the source of some of the most unpleasant memories of your lifetime. It’s very important that you understand how to keep your fellow passengers occupied, engaged and comfortable throughout the trip both in and out of the car. Read on for some great tips on traveling by car with family members and friends.

If you have little kids, they’ll be very likely to be bored with just looking at the scenery. If this is the case, it’s a good idea to have a number of things to keep them busy. A good combination of traditional car trip activities such as games, coloring books, quiet toys and good reading along with modern choices such as portable DVD players, Mp 3 players and so on will give your kids lots of choices for having fun in enjoying the trips. Be sure that you have plenty of toys and equipment for all of your children so that you don’t have to worry about arguments and unhappiness over having to share favorite items.

Another great tip when you have kids in the car is to be certain to break up the trip into lots of small pieces. Stop at least once an hour for potty breaks, drinks of water, snacks and so on. Take advantage of nice roadside stops where the kids can run around and possibly play on some playground equipment while adults enjoy the scenery.

Have a little stash of inexpensive toys or other motivating items to encourage kids to cooperate and get along well on the trip. If you don’t like the idea of bribing your kids with cheap toys, you could also create a casual behavior plan wherein you would reward good behavior with tokens such as poker chips, stickers, stars etc. When a child collects a predetermined number of these motivational items, he or she will win a prize.

If you’re not taking children on the trip and it’s all adults in your group, you can really enjoy some great music! Encourage your fellow travelers to bring along their favorite tunes for everyone’s listening enjoyment. If members of your group have wildly divergent tastes in music, be sure that everybody has plenty of personal listening equipment to avoid having ugly adult confrontations surrounding musical enjoyment. Of course in addition to music, grown-ups on long car trips can enjoy sports on the radio, reading, listening to audio books and watching movies on portable DVD players or laptops.

When you’re going on a car trip with kids or adults, the potential for tempers to flare and misery to ensue is quite great, but your trip doesn’t have to end in mayhem. It’s really very easy to have a great time with good planning and plenty of enjoyable things to do. Be sure to plan your trip carefully with the comfort and enjoyment of every passenger in mind, and you will surely have a successful car trip.

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